Welcome to my blog. My name is Darryl Courtney Hill. Folks who know me call me Courtney. I am currently serving as the Pastor of Youth and Worship at First Baptist Church in Herrin, IL. I am married to a beautiful and absolutely perfect for me lady named Christina Hill. We have been married for 20 years now as of  January 2, 2013. We have 5 beautiful children who are truly a treasure from the Lord. I love to teach, preach, sing, and write. God has given me a passion for sound doctrine and is working in me a greater desire to please Him daily. I am a weak and sinful man who is prone to error and failure, and I understand that everyone fits into that same category. So I am learning to bear with others, show them mercy and grace, and do all I can to love everyone as Christ has loved me. If you want to know more about me, feel free to go over to my facebook page, which is http://www.facebook/revcort. Also, I’m fairly new to Twitter, but my page there is http://www.twitter.com/revcort.

I welcome questions always, as well as respectful disagreements. I always try to disagree in an agreeable way, so I think I could have completely opposite views on any subject than you have, but I would still welcome that conversation. I truly believe that one of the ways God has helped me to refine and expand what I believe is through conversations and interactions with others who disagree with my point of view. So, I view these dialogues as good and helpful. So, by all means, let’s talk. My prayer for all who may be reading this is that God would bless you and pour out His mercy and grace into your life.

My educational background…
BA in Music with Religion minor from Union University (1995)
MA in Christian Ed from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1999)

Thanks for stopping by.

D. Courtney Hill
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